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How safe is your Will?

How Safe is Your Will - BES Legal LTD

Last year, Lloyds Bank revealed that they found a significant number of documents in its ‘Safe Custody’ storage service, including around 9000 Wills. The storage facility was apparently closed to customers in 2011 but last year Lloyds Bank discovered thousands of papers were still stored there. Lloyds Banking Group failed to return the Wills of these deceased customers to their families, leading hundreds of them to distribute assets incorrectly.

Anyone who has applied for a Grant of Probate will know the application is made based on the deceased’s last Will. Therefore, this discovery could cause significant problems if an estate has already been administered and it transpires Lloyds Bank was holding a later Will.

The bank said that the estate was not affected in most cases because the Wills in storage had either been superseded or another copy had been stored elsewhere. However, it is estimated that in hundreds of cases, customers’ estates were incorrectly distributed. There is also the possibility, of course, that an estate has been administered on the basis the deceased died intestate (without a Will).

The situation that has arisen at Lloyds Bank demonstrates the importance that should be placed on the storage of Wills and being able to locate them on someone’s death. Placing Wills in a safe deposit box at a bank is not advisable as the bank cannot open it until they have sight of the Grant of Probate and the Grant of Probate cannot be obtained without the Will. It is important to tell your Executors where your Will is stored so they know where to locate it after your death.

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